About us

The world is messed up.  Switch on the TV, read a newspaper or go on-line, and straight away it becomes clear we are living in a pretty broken and fractured world.  Two out of every three people don’t know Jesus.  There are 56 wars raging in the world at this very moment.  One in every three people lives under terrible human rights conditions.  One in ten of us live in absolute poverty on less than $1.90 a day.  Greenhouse gas emissions have increased by more than 5000% since the industrial revolution began.  The total wildlife of the earth, on which we all depend for survival, has dropped by over two thirds during the last 50 years alone.  This isn’t the world our God wants, or that we as individual Christians want to see. 

The great news is that if we come together and get mobilised we can join millions of Christian individuals, churches and organisations already taking action, and together begin to make a difference and change our world.  As Christians, we need a holistic, specific and practical vision of how to address the problems the world faces, and of what a better world would look like.  We then need to turn our faith into action to help make that vision a reality, one step at a time, until Jesus returns to finish the work he began on the cross.

Arise is a global movement of Christians which suggests just such a Biblical, researched, holistic and practical vision for a transformed world through our Arise Manifesto report.  It centres on three great interventions that could do the most to change our world:

Arise is mobilising Christians around the globe to strive for this vision and transform our world in a generation through evangelism, discipleship, fighting social injustice, eliminating poverty and restoring the environment.  We don’t need your money, but we do need you!  We won’t overload you, just send you one action each week that you can take.  That’s it!  Together, one step at a time, we can begin to change our world.  Join us and do something amazing with your life that will make a difference and change the world forever … Arise!

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