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Every week Arise releases a new blog giving a Christian perspective on news and current affairs, linking to different elements of our vision for a better world, The Arise Manifesto.  Many focus on an aspect of our three primary campaigns.

Recent Blogs

Freedom in the World.jpg
Reviewing the state of democracy in the latest Freedom in the World report. Read more
Ukraine 4.jpg
Searching for a route to peace after two years of tragedy. Read more
Aid 2.JPG
How should Christians engage with the Sustainable Development Goals? Read more
Worship 2.jpg
Exploring what the Bible teaches us about life together in our local churches. Read more
Post-truth 2B.jpg
How should Christians respond to the post-truth agenda? Read more
Education 1 B.jpg
How might we see greater progress towards universal education? Read more
Taiwan 2B.jpg
What can the world do to defuse growing tensions around Taiwan? Read more
What can be done as climate change breaks temperature records again? Read more

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