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Every week Arise releases a new blog giving a Christian perspective on news and current affairs, linking to different elements of our vision for a better world, The Arise Manifesto.  Many focus on an aspect of our three primary campaigns.

Recent Blogs

Work B.jpg
Exploring the balance between work, rest and health as we go into the New Year. Read more
Soldiers C.jpg
Key lessons for nations and diplomats on preventing wars in 2024. Read more
Judge C.jpg
Exploring how access to the law can be made fairer, faster and more effective. Read more
Integrity B.jpg
What kind of attitude and integrity should Christian be modelling? Read more
Calling 2.jpg
Examining what the Bible says about obedience, calling and direction. Read more
Religious persecution.jpg
Exploring the key issues in this week's Conference on Freedom of Religion. Read more
UN 1d.jpg
Exploring what the Bible says about the role of states and the nature of the law. Read more
Toilet 2.jpg
The urgent need for global action on safe sanitation. Read more

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