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Every week Arise releases a new blog giving a Christian perspective on news and current affairs, linking to different elements of our vision for a better world, The Arise Manifesto.  Many focus on an aspect of our three primary campaigns.

Recent Blogs

Discipleship 5B.jpg
What does a healthy prayer life look like? Read more
Gaza 4B.jpg
Charting a possible peace plan for Israel/Gaza. Read more
Converdsation 7.jpg
Exploring the crucial role of local churches and ordinary Christians in sharing faith. Read more
Gaza 3B.jpg
Ceasefire, humanitarian access and peace talks needed in Gaza. Read more
How do we find a way back to peace after this week's horrific violence? Read more
Considering steps towards a new UN global tax convention. Read more
Nuclear weapons.jpg
Marking the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Read more
Iran protests 2.jpg
Looking back one year on from the tragic death of Masha Amini. Read more

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