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Every week Arise releases a new blog giving a Christian perspective on news and current affairs, linking to different elements of our vision for a better world, The Arise Manifesto.  Many focus on an aspect of our three primary campaigns.

Recent Blogs

Sewage B.jpg
Can there be a Christian response to sewage spills? Read more
Wisley 4.jpg
Understanding the Bible's teaching on the environment. Read more
Missionary Communities E.jpg
The crucial role of missionary communities in planting new churches. Read more
Media 2.jpg
Balancing media freedom with protection from slander. Read more
Philippines 5.JPG
The crucial role overseas aid plays in reducing poverty. Read more
Deforestation 2.jpg
The current state of global deforestation. Read more
Giving 4B.jpg
Looking at how financial giving is an essential part of our faith. Read more
Niger 4.jpg
Charting a way back to democracy for Niger after this week's coup. Read more

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