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Every week Arise releases a new blog giving a Christian perspective on news and current affairs, linking to different elements of our vision for a better world, The Arise Manifesto.  Many focus on an aspect of our three primary campaigns.

Recent Blogs

Manipur B.jpg
A Christian response to tragic violence in Manipur, India. Read more
Appreciating the key role the civil service play. Read more
Jenin B.jpg
How should Christians respond to this week’s raid in Jenin? Read more
Russia soldiers.jpg
Wagner's rebellion and the role of military defection in regime reform and change. Read more
Wind turbines 1.jpg
Assessing Labour's new Green Energy Strategy. Read more
Trump 2.jpg
Former leaders in the UK and US undermined democracy this week. Read more
UN Peacekeepers.jpg
The important role UN Peacekeepers play. Read more

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