Take Action

Take Action

Arise issues one action each week that you can take by yourself, or better still together with others in a local Arise group in your church or area.  Actions are inspired by our Arise Manifesto vision for a better world.  Many focus on an aspect of our three primary campaigns.

Together, one step at a time, we can begin to change our world.

Set up an Arise group in your church – download our two-page guide

Recent Actions

Take action to share your faith following Pentecost. Read more
Heatwave 4.jpg
Take action on climate change as study finds 2023 hottest year for 2000 years Read more
Gaza 8.jpg
Take action for peace, humanitarian aid and democracy in Gaza. Read more
Conversation 27B.jpg
Take action to share your faith this week. Read more
India Election.jpg
Take action to support healthy democracy in India and around the world. Read more
World BankC.jpg
Take action for green and fair economics at the World Bank. Read more
Discipleship 7.jpg
Take action to review how you are doing in your journey of discipleship. Read more

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