Equipped to Share

Equipped to Share

Empowering individual Christians to share their faith with confidence

Two out of every three people in the world don’t yet know Jesus.  But most of them do know Christians.  Christianity is the majority religion in every continent in the world except Asia.  Churches exist in every country (though in a few they are underground due to persecution).  There are only 19 countries with a Christian population of less than 1%.  The professional missionaries have done their job.  The Church has been planted around the world.  Today it is ordinary people like you and me worshipping in ordinary churches around the world, sharing our faith powerfully and effectively with our friends and neighbours that will have the greatest impact for the gospel. 

Of those non-Christians who come to a church, an incredible 77% of them come because friends or relatives invited them.  Yet so many of us lack confidence, are somewhat embarrassed, and struggle to talk about our faith clearly and boldly with our friends and family.  This is why Arise has developed Equipped to Share, a free course of five sessions that you can run in your church.  Equipped to Share empowers individual Christians to talk with confidence about their faith, releasing a workforce of millions to evangelise in their daily lives.

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